CrossyOff Rules

1. Matchmaking

Players will be matched in bracket format by their seed rank. Seed's are based on ELO, which is a rating system measuring a players skill level. By default a player starts off with 1200 ELO and can gain or lose ELO based on their tournament performance. Each player has 3 days to complete their round and has 3 attempts to get the highest score possible (number of hops). Players also have a maximum of 5 minutes to break between attempts. If a player exceeds the break time they will lose an attempt every 5 minutes exceeded. If both players in a round don't play, the player with the higher ELO advances.

2. Moderation

A Referee must be present to monitor each match. Referees participating in tournaments agree to advise each players match without bias and are not allowed to referee their own runs. Referees decide whether a player wins, loses or is disqualified. Players who are unsatisfied with the Referees decision must appeal to an Admin of the Discord Server. Admins have 24 hours to respond to the issue. If no response is given, the Referees decision is final.

3. Platforms/Fair Play

Each player agrees to use either the Crossy Road Application on the Windows Store or iOS/Android stable. Third party clients/software such as POKI are prohibited! A player must play at fullscreen using only the original characters, is not allowed to pause the game at any time intentionally or bind/map keys. The maximum resolution a player is allowed to use is 1920x1080. If the game crashes the player is allowed to restart the attempt but without any break. Preventable bugs/glitches that cause a player to die do not validate a restart. If a stream crashes, the Referee has the decision to take the last hop completed or grant another attempt.

4. Withdrawl/Play Period

Players have the ability to withdrawl themselves from the tournament whenever fit, however their funds contributed will be non-refundable and their ELO will still be affected.

5. Ties

Players can only qualify for a tie if both players highest scores are the same after a match. When a tie occurs, both players will have one attempt to get the highest score possible, disregarding any previous runs scores. The player with the higher score wins.